Company Profile
Epitomy Pty Limited is an Australian company founded by Paul Dowling in 1980 to provide electronic engineering design services and electronic equipment to Australian industry. During 1994 with the growing interest in automated meter reading (AMR) Epitomy developed it's first AMR system called the 32 Channel Meter Data Logger  - MDL32 .

Since then the company has concentrated it's efforts into metering systems and data logging. An ongoing design and development program has culminated in the current 32 channel AMR unit called a Remote Meter Reading Unit - RMU-32  Version 6.6.

In parallel with the RMU32 development program a series of Single channel data loggers have been
designed, with the latest units known as the PMR1. The PMR1 is battery operated, very low power data loggers for general purpose and metering applications.

For the future Epitomy is currently developing alternative technologies, including a NBN (National Broardband Network) compaitable Digital Modem / adaptor named Veritas  which  allows Bi-directional Internet communication to the RMU-32  via the NBN. Other Methods of comminication with the RMU-32 is via mobile technolgies such as 3G and GPRS (General Packet Radio Signal) Enabled Internet Communication which is Interfaced to a Website, for use where it is impractical to use wired technology.

In addition to new communication technoloiges Epitomy is develping new and improved methods for Data storage and retrieval of the RMU-32's Data including SQL Database intergration, various Web based technologies and the 'Cloud''.

Epitomy currently provides metering consultancy, energy survey, and metering installation services to compliment it's range of AMR equipment.