NBN Modem Veritas

Epitomy NBN to Serial Modem
Epitomy's Veritas  is A NBN (National Broardband Network) to serial Modem is a Digital Modem / Adaptor designed specifically to allow communication between the RMU32 and the NBN. In addition to allowing you to communicate to the Internet via the NBN to Read and/or Program the RMU32's Data,  the Veritas  can be programmed to perform several additional functions to the RMU32's including

1. "Dial Home" function i.e. send the RMU32 data back to base at a predefined time Interval. The "Dial Home" function can be configured to communicate with a varity of Technoligies including
  • Web Services (IIS, & Apache)
  • SQL Databases (Microsoft MSSQL, AWS Aurora, MYSQL & SAP Hanna)
  • FTP Servers (Microsoft, Linux and 3rd party FTP Applications)
  • File Servers (Microsoft, Linux, NetApp, StorageWorks etc)
  • The Cloud (AWS,  AZURE, Google Drive)
2. A Web based interface to display the RMU32 data in Real Time
3.  Automatic RMU32 Data Backups (Local and/or Remote)
4. Email(s) of the RMU32 data (i.e Meter Reads) sent daily.

Although designed specifically for the RMU32 theVeritas  is also capable of interfacing Any device with a serial (RS-232) port to the NBN ( National Broardband Network). The Veritas acts as a NBN to serial adaptor allowing Bi-directional Comminications . This will enable Legacy systems with RS-232 Communication (serial cabled or Fax Modem) to be Internet accessable via the NBN ,  thus allowing your legacy systems to remain viable and functional in the Internet age .